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International Students

Business immigrant-woman standing in front of a building

In this photo a business woman poses in front of an office. Additional local pictures can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

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With four growing academic institutions and more in neighbouring cities, Brantford•Brant is the choice of many international students.

Why study in Brantford•Brant?

  • We are a small community offering clean, safe, and accessible campuses and neighborhoods.
  • Students from many countries choose Brantford•Brant as their learning destination.
  • Post-secondary educational institutions in Brantford•Brant actively support and help integrate international students.
  • A variety of programs, courses and resources are available to international students.
  • English language programs are offered to help students in their education.
  • Many indoor and outdoor activities help students balance the demands of studying and enjoying life.
  • After graduation international students have access to permanent and temporary work opportunities in and around Brantford•Brant.

Local Campuses

The following list contains post-secondary educational institutions with campuses in or near Brantford•Brant.  Be sure to check out their websites.


Resource Spotlight

English Language Café

Practice and improve your English in a relaxed social environment. Meet people from other communities and make new friends. Learn more.

Opportunity Spotlight

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Study in Ontario has extensive opportunities for international students. Ontario is Canada's most populated province and provides education for over 65, 000 international students, the most of any province in Canada.