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Getting proper health care is an important part of settling in Ontario. Immigrants will not be eligible for Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)benefits until they have lived in Ontario for three months. So it is recommended that they look into buying private health-care coverage. Approximate costs for private coverage will vary. Brantford•Brant has excellent, accessible health care facilities . For medical emergencies, call 911.

For more information related to Out of Province and Out of Country coverage visit the following pages:

Dealing with stress of settlement

Feelings of stress are common. Your first months in Canada will be full of change. You may have to take a first job (survival) or live in a home that is different from what you expected. A lot of things can create some stress in your life. Just remember that you can always get help if you need it.

Quick list to help you with your health needs

  • Apply for a health card as soon as you arrive. Get an application form at a doctor’s office, a hospital, a pharmacy or an immigrant serving organization.
  • Remember: you must not share your health insurance card number with anyone else but your medical care provider.
  • Find a family doctor. A good source is Health Care Connect. You should start to look as soon as you arrive. Depending on where you live it could take several weeks.
  • Research what other local health services you can access if you don’t have a family doctor (i.e. Walk-in clinics, ER department, nurse practitioners, outpatient services, etc.)
  • Learn what to do in case on an emergency. Keep an emergency list besides your phone.

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