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Townhouses and green spaces

In this photo townhouses are showcased. Additional local pictures can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

As a homebuyer, immigrants face many questions:

  • What is affordable?
  • What is the right property?
  • How is financing secured?
  • How is an offer made?

Buying a home is not a small task. The process can be difficult.  But if immigrants follow simple steps, and work with the right people, they may soon be holding the keys to their own home.

Here is a list of some resources that can help:

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Logo for YMCA Immigrant Settlement Services YMCA Employment, Training and Settlement Services

YMCA-Employment, Training and Settlement Services, assists immigrants in their orientation and integration into the Canadian environment.

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Recreation & Leisure Guides

Find out what exciting individual and family activities are available this season. The leisure guides in Brantford•Brant provide valuable information to help plan your activities.

Brantford Leisure Guide

Brant Leisure Guide