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The Grand River in Brantford•Brant. People canoeing along the river

In this photo canoers enjoy the nature's beauty and serenity along the Grand River. Additional local pictures can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

Live in Brantford•Brant

There are many reasons that Brantford•Brant is a desirable location for immigrants. Discover why more people are choosing to live here.

Choosing Brantford-Brant

Brantford•Brant offers big city living with a small town feel. The community offers affordable housing in both country and city locations, as well as below average living costs. Brantford•Brant also has:

There is always something to do in Brantford and Brant. Many festivals and events are held throughout the year. Brantford•Brant has something for everyone. Brantford is also known as the Tournament Capital of Ontario for sporting events and games.

For more information on the cost of living and housing in Canada and Ontario, visit the following sites:

Explore this section to find out how you can benefit from the many services and programs that Brantford•Brant has to offer.

Related Organizations
YMCA-Employment, Training and Settlement Services
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Immigrant Settlement Services consists of an in-depth needs assessment with immigrant newcomers. The information provided, together with referred services, covers all aspects of settlement i.e. housing, health care, education, legal issues, completion of documents and, most importantly, employment.
38 Darling St, Suite 201
Brantford, Ontario, N3T 6A8
(519) 752-4568

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Resource Spotlight

Logo for YMCA Employment, Education and Immigrant Services YMCA Employment, Education and Immigrant Services

YMCA Employment, Education and Immigrant Services, assists immigrants in their orientation and integration into the Canadian environment.

Local Activities Spotlight

Recreation & Leisure Guides

Find out what exciting individual and family activities are available this season. The leisure guides in Brantford•Brant provide valuable information to help plan your activities.

Brantford Leisure Guide

Brant Leisure Guide